About Us

Welcome to Karmacoma.com.

Our Mission

Finding a dearth in the Indian market for affordable and quality Digital and Graphic Art, we set about on a mission to help resolve this problem.

We at Karmacoma.com are committed to bringing our customers 100% original artwork that is not available anywhere else. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our quality Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints and Art Accessories. So be assured of a safe and simple way to bring a bit of art to your home, apartment, dorm room, office or commercial establishment.

The Setting

We operate out of Mumbai, India but through our online store, we are right where you want us to be – at your service anywhere in India.

The Art

All our Digital and Graphic artwork is 100% original – designed, created and executed in-house by our founder, Devika Bhagat.

We do not mass produce our art. We only feature the artwork of a single digital and graphic artist. Each Piece of Digital and Graphic art is an amalgamation of passion, time and love for the medium. A lot of the artwork is inspired by and created from a base of photographs taken by Devika all around India as well as the world. Most of the time, the photographs lead the way for the kind and style of art to be created.

Our Favourites.

Some of our favourite artists range from Claude Monet of the Impressionist era to the Surrealist Salvador Dali to the Sensationalist Damien Hearst to the Anarchist Banksy.

Art is what you make of it. It’s what appeals to you and is completely subjective. So go ahead and browse. We’re sure a lot of our artwork will strike a chord with you. 


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+91 22 40104883 (11am to 6pm)